Here goes nothing... and everything I guess!

Everything evolves and changes. People and their goals aren't an exception. My music journey is not over, I don't think it ever will be - but my perception of where I want to attend my main focus has shifted. My horizon is naturally wider today compared to 10 years ago - and in that expanded field of view lies new paths to explore. This is the flow of life and time - we change, and with that; the things we choose to do.

Woodwork and design has always been something I've done privately to "align" myself. It makes me submerge into this zen-like state of meditation from which I emerge filled with well-being. The same thing can be said about making music, but the abstract aspect of it often leaves me with an equally abstract void. To devote all your emotions, energy, time, suffering and joy into birthing something (music) that you can't even touch with your hands or see with your eyes is conflicting to put it mildly. This new path allows me to invest just as much of myself as I would with any musical creation - but with a much more satisfying end game. Balance is key in life - and as I view the big picture perspective of my existance; this new journey will be what makes my creative scale find its equilibrium.

I hope and wish you will follow me into this new world.

With love
// Michael